Flexible Arbeitsmodelle aus Sicht der Arbeitnehmenden

  • Typ:Bachelor-/Masterarbeit
  • Betreuer:in:

    Prof. Dr. Petra Nieken & Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche

  • Bearbeitung:abgeschlossen
  • Ansprechpartner:in:

    Dr. Paul Gorny

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  • Flexible working arrangements are getting more and more into focus. Even though the concepts of remote work and flexible working hours, in which employees can independently influence the place and time of work, are not new, their prevalence is still low. And this is although the usage suggests a number of benefits for employees. The aim of this thesis is to provide an insight into the effects of the use of flexible working arrangements from the employees’ perspective. For this purpose, four scientific studies are examined in detail and the results are set in context with further scientific findings. It has been shown that flexible working models generally have a number of advantages for the employee, but that negative effects may also occur, which should be taken into consideration when making a decision about using them. A brief guideline for the decision to use flexible working arrangements will be developed, which will take up the knowledge developed in this thesis. However, the effects of flexible working models depend on many individual aspects that require further research.