Wellbeing @Home

research areas

The overall topic of the project is "Wellbeing, work and education at home", which is gaining long-term importance in view of the Covid-19 and offers enormous potential for innovative research. The topic is of great social and economic relevance, among other things, because it affects very large parts of the population in their everyday lives. Therefore, we hope that there will be a lively interest on the part of citizens in active scientific participation, and that we will find many households that are eager to join this exciting idea.

The strategic goal is to build a trusted ecosystem for empirical experimental research in the lab and in the field (KD²Ex). The cornerstone of this ecosystem is the DFG funded Karlsruhe Decision & Design Lab (KD²Lab). KD²Ex will provide a unique infrastructure that enables new forms of experimental research in the sense of Digital Citizen Science. Individual citizens as well as citizen groups (e.g. households) will be enabled to actively participate in research. KD²Ex includes public infrastructure such as assembly booths and terminals, household infrastructure including neuro-physiological devices as well as software (e.g. digital participation platform). The mentioned infrastructure and functions are currently being developed and maintained. Building on the different research areas (left), pilot studies on the topic of Wellbeing@Home were developed.